Saving Investment Properties From Foreclosure

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You Have Options If You Are Underwater On An Investment Property

These days, it is fairly common for an investment property to be worth less than the mortgage used to buy it. It is important to handle this situation carefully because it can have implications for your ownership of the property, the amount of debt you owe and your tax liability.

You may be pressured to short sell the property to get rid of it. However, that can result in significant tax liability. In addition, if the sale does not cover the entire deficiency, you may still be on the hook for payments.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide the best option for property owners. Often, you can reduce the mortgage to the actual value of the property, and then integrate it into your repayment plan. This ensures that you are not paying more than the property is worth, and that the lender cannot take action to collect the debt or remove you from the property outside your bankruptcy plan.

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