Should I File For Divorce Or Bankruptcy First?

One of the two main reasons people file for bankruptcy is due to a divorce (the other is medical bills). Divorce itself can often have devastating financial consequences for couples. If your finances are already tight, bankruptcy before your divorce could potentially salvage the financial futures for both of you.

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Nowack & Olson has helped pioneer Florida bankruptcy law. We have assisted with thousands of cases just like yours. We have a long record of success that we would like to use for you to ensure you a more secure financial future.

Considering bankruptcy before you divorce is an option few people consider. But there are good reasons for it. For example, if you are able to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to dismiss much of your credit card, medical and other debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also a good option as can allow you to keep your home, car and other valuable assets.

This can help speed the divorce process — there is no argument over who gets which debts, there is no worry that your former spouse won't honor a debt that is allocated to him or her. With bankruptcy, the assets you have can be used to give you both new harmony in your life.

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