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Are creditors hounding you even after repossession and foreclosure? This is one of the bitter truths about debt. Even after your collateral has been taken away, your creditors still want payment.

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Once a foreclosure or repossession occurs, your creditor is still free to come after you; this time in court, seeking a debt judgment against you. Your lender will not stop until you have paid every penny you owe. It will demand payment of your deficiency and it will not care if you are so broke you have to wear a barrel.

How To Stop Creditors In Their Tracks

The solution to deficiency lawsuits is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Until you obtain the automatic stay that is part of every filing, your creditors are free to come after you. The stay halts them in their tracks — it works for credit card debt, medical bills and it knocks out lawsuits before they can be filed.

You can file before a suit is filed against you, or after. Filing before will save you money, but it is still a sensible strategy afterward.

How Can Bankruptcy Help Me?

Outstanding debts can sometimes be negotiated through so-called debt modification efforts. But these agreements are not protected by the U.S. government. They are much more expensive than filing bankruptcy. And some debt modification vendors are fly-by-nighters: they take your debt payment check and vanish. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 deliver the most powerful and most effective solution to creditor lawsuit challenges.

We have helped thousands of clients address thorny debt collection issues, including money owed to the IRS. Very often, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 can even resolve difficult tax issues.

Bankruptcy Relief For People In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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