Helping People In Florida Overcome Medical Debt

Every day, holes in our health care system leave thousands of people with unaffordable medical expenses — from costly imaging bills and exorbitant specialist visits to surgeries and hospital stays that weren't covered. Many people with good jobs cannot recover from giant medical debts that threaten to wipe out their savings or create massive credit card problems.

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Millions of people — perhaps as much as 40 percent of all bankruptcy filers — have declared bankruptcy because of medical bills they could not afford to pay because:

  • They were not insured at the time of a serious illness or accident.
  • They were underinsured.
  • They lost their jobs, and their insurance didn't cover everything it needed to.
  • They had significant medical debt because of an accident, but no one to take responsibility for the damage.
  • They have suffered illnesses and can't get insurance as a result.
  • They have "pre-existing conditions" that are deemed ineligible for coverage.

Medical Debt Is An Easy Type Of Debt To Discharge

The good news is that medical debt is easy to discharge in bankruptcy. It is a form of unsecured debt with no collateral tied to it.

While banks, credit card companies, car companies and other creditors often have lawyers who fight bankruptcy cases, medical creditors rarely show up in bankruptcy court. For many families who are struggling under the weight of medical debt, that means relief.

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