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November 2015 Archives

Don't let credit scammers spoil your holiday

During the holiday season, it can be easy to lose track of spending or throw budget restrictions aside in favor of a "can't miss" deal or gift obligation. Even the most careful person can find it a challenge to keep records and spending under control. This is a situation people try to take advantage of. For instance, if you are like many other people, you could be targeted this month by fake debt collectors looking to cash in on the financial challenges you may be facing.

What to expect if you are facing wage garnishment pt. 2

In our last post, we discussed what people can expect if their wages are garnished to pay off debts. In that post, we discussed the process and protections of wage garnishment as well as the fact that your employer will know about your money problems. We want to also note that it can often affect other relationships, including the ones you have with your spouse, children and other dependents.

Is bankruptcy right for me?

There is no easy way to answer the question posed in this headline. Every situation is different and every person has different financial needs and goals that must be considered prior to making any significant decision about debt. However, there are some situations in which bankruptcy is an option that should certainly be explored.

Facing foreclosure? The clock is ticking

The threat of losing a home in foreclosure is something that homeowners all across Florida have faced in recent years. On top of the many other financial issues that often come with foreclosure, the chance that you could lose your home can be enough to overwhelm any person. 

Struggling with debt? You don't have to struggle alone

One of the things people often say after reaching out for help on complicated issues is that they wish they had done so earlier. But asking for help can be a very difficult thing to do, particularly when you are struggling with an issue you find embarrassing or shameful.

Does student debt mean you are stuck in debt crisis?

Reports about the debilitating reality of student can be disheartening for the many men and women who have taken out loans to pay their ways through college. A recent CBS News report declares that the average student debt that people carry not only is a current, day-to-day stress, but it could even force workers to put off retirement until the age of 75.

My wages are being garnished: Is there anything I can do?

For millions of people across the U.S., the idea of being debt-free and financially stable is far closer to being a pipe dream than a reality. Since the recession, people all across the country have been struggling to rebuild or retain their economic standing after dealing with credit card debts, threats of foreclosure and even job loss.

Chapter 13 can work for you, as long as you are working

Too many people make the mistake of believing debt and bankruptcy are issues that only affect Floridians who are irresponsible with money or unable to pull in a steady paycheck. However, not only is that an inaccurate assumption, it is also a dangerous one in that it can make people hesitant to reach out and get much needed support.

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