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The bank has already started a foreclosure action against me. Is it too late to save my home?

The foreclosure process is a long, painful and brutal one. The home you have worked your entire life to own is at risk of being taken away from you. If you have received a so-called "breach letter," you will know that the bank has initiated a formal foreclosure action against you.

Don't get scammed by a phony loan modification provider

People who are facing foreclosure will do almost anything to save their homes. Sadly, there are numerous companies that prey on distressed homeowners and happily to take their money under the guise of helping them resolve their mortgage problems.

How federal laws protect consumers from creditor harassment

As someone with debt issues or significant debt, you are probably no stranger to constant calls and e-mails from creditors. Although debt collectors in many situations are allowed to contact you, there is sometimes a fine line between debt collection and creditor harassment. If you believe you are the victim of creditor harassment, consider this: there are bodies of federal laws enacted that protect people just like you from creditors.

Federal student loan consolidation as debt relief: important tips

In many ways, student loans can help out someone in need of college money, who might not otherwise have the chance at an education. Many student loans allow deferment until after graduation. However, jobs aren't always in demand right after someone gets a degree, leaving the borrower in the unfortunate situation of not being able to pay his or her loans.

Slow Florida foreclosure process can delay home price increases

Florida remains the leader in the nation's foreclosures, and is also the state where home repossession takes the longest, lingering the court system for an average of 31 months. Some consumer advocates say this lengthy process is meant to benefit homeowners who are struggling with financial challenges.

The "working poor" status is a growing problem in Florida

If you've been struggling to pay your bills like many Floridians, especially if you feel your situation has been growing worse for months, you may fit into a classification that economists call the "working poor." This wage bracket includes low-income families with one or more people in the household who work, but as a whole the family still doesn't make a living wage. According to U.S. Census data, Florida is one of the states with a percentage increase of five points or more of families who are considered to be part of the working poor.

Hillsborough County increases homestead exemptions for seniors

Senior citizens represent a large portion of Floridians who are particularly vulnerable in this difficult economy. Fortunately, there are a variety of state exemptions and other programs available to help those who are struggling. Most counties have at least a few programs for seniors and other groups with special needs from tax breaks for the disabled to certain exemptions.

Consumers urged to be vigilant about credit card debt

For most Americans, December means lots of shopping. Thousands of consumers are frequenting malls and stores, which is good for Florida's economy, but can be potentially devastating to an individual's credit. This is the most common time of year for people to over-spend with credit cards, which can result in months or even years of crippling debt.

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