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Florida undermines personal bankruptcy protections

Filing for bankruptcy gives people the opportunity to dispel large amounts of personal debt. The process also ensures that filers are not pursued for those debt liabilities once the bankruptcy is complete. Therefore, creditors that continue to go after borrowers for debts already discharged in bankruptcy can be accused of breaking Florida bankruptcy law policies.

Renting does not offer debt relief for many

Traditionally, young professionals were thought of as ideal candidates for apartment rentals, as renting can provide individuals with the opportunity to save money for a down payment on a house later on. The reality of the situation is, however, that people throughout the state of Florida and beyond have been forced to turn to renting out of necessity after facing foreclosure and other financial hardships. And while renting is meant to serve as an affordable housing option, the influx of renters on the market is having an adverse effect on affordability.

Innovative approaches to debt relief

There is no denying that residents throughout the state of Florida are facing serious financial challenges. And while many struggle with unemployment and/or the prospect of bankruptcy, countless people in the state and across the country are losing their financial footing under the weight of mounting student loan debt. That is why one state is considering legislation that would confront the issue directly, essentially giving students a free ride through college on one important condition.

Fast food industry may be hurting already struggling economy

As South Florida and other areas of the country continue to struggle and recuperate from the recent financial crisis, countless people face the prospect of unemployment or being forced out of retirement. The fast food industry employs millions of Americans each year, and reflects shifts in employment conditions as more adults and breadwinners are hired as fast food workers. Concerns are on the rise, however, that employment practices within the fast food industry are compromising the financial security of individuals and the nation as a whole.

Building your credit score after personal bankruptcy

Every year, many people in Fort Lauderdale find debt relief from personal bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can help in a variety of situations; whether you are struggling with unemployment, have high medical bills, or you have overwhelming credit card debt, bankruptcy can give you the fresh start you are looking for. Despite this, many people are hesitant to file. They may be afraid of the negative stigma attached to bankruptcy or the poor credit score that comes with it. The important thing to remember is that you can rebuild your life after bankruptcy.

Study hints at tough economic situation in Florida

Americans were hit hard by the economic recession, and many Florida residents felt the effects in the housing market, the loss of jobs and the loss of revenue for the construction industry. While the national economy has hinted at a small recovery as numbers stabilize, many in Florida are still feeling the impacts of a struggling economy, as evidenced by a recent study done by Florida International University in which the outlook for the state’s economy looked bleak. Many residents who have considered personal bankruptcy may be able to relate to the results of the study.

More credit card offers available to consumers

Money management is difficult, especially in a tough economy. Some Floridians are struggling to pay off credit card debt. Although credit cards can lead to financial disaster if they’re misused, they can provide consumers with rewards as well as the opportunity to build their credit history.

Some colleges acknowledge students need debt relief

In today’s struggling economy, millions of consumers are suffering under crippling debt. A huge amount of this debt is in the form of student loans, which are getting close to the trillion dollar mark in America. Unfortunately, student loan debt relief is hard to get, since most types of student loans can’t be discharged through bankruptcy. For many Florida residents with financial challenges after graduation, this can mean years of creditor harassment and even wage garnishment.

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