Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

At Nowack & Olson in South Florida, our lawyers have helped thousands of people eliminate debt, repair their credit and embrace a bright financial future. Responsibility, strategy and a commitment to our clients are the hallmarks of our credit repair services.

There are several things that are vital for you to know if you are struggling with debt and trying to rebuild your credit:

  • Bankruptcy can be a first step in repairing your credit score. Many people fear that a bankruptcy filing will doom their credit, but that is simply not true. Your credit score is based heavily on a debt to credit ratio. Bankruptcy allows you to eliminate much of your debt, which lowers this ratio and raises your overall score.
  • Make a commitment to credit repair after bankruptcy. There is no quick fix to bad credit. It takes time, diligence and hard work to repair your finances and free yourself from debt. Even with a bankruptcy filing, you may have to make lifestyle changes to maintain the positive impact on your credit.
  • Do not go to a credit counseling company or debt negotiation firm. It may seem appealing to negotiate your way out of debt, but you rarely get what you pay for with these companies. In addition to spending money on something that does not yield results, you may experience a severe knock to your credit score.

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