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Jupiter Real Estate Contract Lawyer

Making Sense Of Jupiter Real Estate Contracts

Long winded, overly complex, and jargon-filled terms of service contracts are read by nine percent of Americans, according to a Deloitte study and reported on by Business Insider. For adults aged 18 to 34, only three percent read the terms of service before clicking “accept the terms.” Does this sound familiar to your own experiences? We are faced with so much fine print these days that it would take hours upon hours to navigate the internet every time you opened your phone or laptop, and it can be difficult to break this cycle when truly important documents, such as your real estate contract, need to be signed. Most people simply flip through the pages initialling and signing where needed, and hope that their real estate agent, the title company, and their lender have not made any errors. But these agencies and your realtor are just people, prone to mistakes as well as sloppy work, and in some cases there may be something that is beyond accidental in the contract that leans more towards deceitful.

Your purchase agreement, clearing title, and closing documents need to be looked at by a professional eye and every single one of the 60 or 70 pages within a contract needs to be read and understood before you sign. Only a Jupiter real estate contract lawyer can review your documents and ensure that your signature belongs on those pages.

Helping Jupiter Homeowners Complete Successful Real Estate Transactions

We have proudly served clients in South Florida for more than 20 years, and have successfully assisted in contract review, closing documents, and more for a combined total of over 40 years of legal service. Our area of practice includes all real estate matters, including the following:

  • Purchases;
  • Sales;
  • Closings;
  • Loan modifications; and
  • Avoiding foreclosures.

An Attorney Can Save You From Losing Thousands

A contract mistake can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. One little misstep could also spell disaster for your loan, which is why careful planning and working with a lawyer is so important. We can minimize the risks you are exposed to, draft and review real estate documents, and take the stress and pressure out of this transaction by giving you peace of mind. After all, 71 percent of Americans believe that buying a home is overwhelming, and this stress is a large cause of why Americans are buying fewer homes these days. Do not let this stress, or another party’s mistake, ruin your chances of owning your own house or condominium.

A Jupiter Real Estate Contract Lawyer is Just a Phone Call Away

We understand the pressure and stress that signing a decades-binding contract can be, especially when you do not fully understand it. Real estate contracts, purchase agreements, and clearing titles  are riddled with confusing phrases, jargon, and legal concepts. Even the sentence structure makes them difficult to comprehend. Let the Jupiter real estate contact lawyers with Nowack & Olson lend a hand today.

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