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Jupiter Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

When dealing with high home costs and unexpected life events, it is easy to fall behind in making your mortgage payments. Unfortunately, even one or two late payments can put you at risk of foreclosure. At the law firm of Nowack & Olson, PLLC, our Jupiter foreclosure defense lawyers have over 40 years combined experience representing people throughout our community in these types of difficult situations. We can help you regain the upper hand with your debts, while protecting you and your rights to your home.

Facing the Threat of Foreclosure In Jupiter, Florida

According to statistics from RealtyTrac, nearly ten percent of all homeowners in Florida end up facing the prospect of a foreclosure. While foreclosure proceedings are less common in Jupiter and throughout Palm Beach County than in other areas of the state, the number of people in this dilemma is still significantly higher than the national average.

High home prices often force consumers into taking out mortgages that may put a strain on an already tight budget. Once you are committed and have made your investment, unforeseen events can easily make it difficult to meet your monthly payments and your other financial obligations. Common reasons why homeowners can end up facing the loss and repossession of their homes include:

Unexpected medical issues: An accident, illness, or chronic condition can leave you unable to work while facing mountains of medical debt.

Job losses: Getting fired, laid off, or dealing with a reduction in income can easily cause you to fall behind in your mortgage payments.

Personal issues: Unexpected family problems, including a divorce, struggles with addiction, and mental health issues, can leave you unable to handle your debts.

Home-related issues: Having to invest heavily in repairs or to correct problems caused by age or weather conditions can drain your accounts and assets to the point that keeping up with mortgage payments is impossible.

In these and other types of situations, our Jupiter foreclosure defense lawyers can help you find a solution to prevent going into default on your home loan.

Protecting You Against Foreclosure

Foreclosure actions are subject to the rules laid out under the Florida Statutes. Missing even one payment can result in significant penalties, while falling behind more that one or two months can make it difficult to ever get caught up. Once you are 120 days behind in your mortgage, your lender may begin pre-foreclosure proceedings. At this point, you will likely receive a demand letter, notifying you of actions you must take to cure the default and the date by which you must respond. At this point, you need an experienced Jupiter foreclosure defense lawyer on your side.

At the law firm of Nowack & Olson, PLLC, we can guide you in options to help retain possession of your home. Filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy immediately halts further collections actions, while allowing you to eliminate certain types of debts and negotiate payment terms on your mortgage and other secured loans. To discuss whether this may be an option in your case, call or contact our Jupiter foreclosure defense lawyers and request a free, 60-minute consultation today.

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