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Jupiter Real Estate Closing Lawyer

It happens all too often—a family finds the perfect home for their needs after months of searching, makes a bid and comes to an agreeable negotiation of price, and is all ready to sign the closing documents when something goes wrong and the sale falls through. Home sales are actually falling through at increasingly higher rates these days, according to Trulia. An even worse case scenario occurs when the closing papers are signed but there was a problem with the title or deed. The Washington Post warns that the biggest title problems involve hidden liens, bankruptcies, forgeries, aliases, and judgements. Any of these can cause a real estate deal to fall through, a loan to be withdrawn, or even larger legal problems for the buyer.

If you are ready to purchase real estate in Jupiter, it is important to remain alert. There are dishonest parties, including realtors, lenders, and contractors out there who are willing to take advantage of you during closing. Even if you read all of the documents and the fine print, which is rare, you may not fully understand it and end up signing something that is against your best interest. Closing documents are dozens of pages long and filled with legal jargon and complicated, almost unreadable language that, unfortunately in some circumstances, could come back to haunt you. Do not trust that the title company has carried out its commitments to you. There is simply too much at stake here, and only a real estate closing lawyer can assure that you are given the best possible chances of having a smooth real estate transaction. Reach out to the Jupiter real estate closing lawyers, who know the process inside out.

What Does a Closing Lawyer Do?

Closing is a complex process that many people enter without fully understanding what is at stake. An attorney will examine the title, help you decide whether title insurance is necessary, and will examine deeds, settlement statements, and much more. All closing and transaction documents must be thoroughly read, analyzed, and properly signed, which your attorney will ensure. Moreover, having an attorney will enable you to actually understand what is going on during closing, instead of just blindly trusting that everything has been prepared properly for you and that the documents that you are signing are indeed what the other parties say they are.

Our Compassionate Jupiter Real Estate Lawyers Can Help You Today

Whether you are purchasing a first home or a real estate investment, we strongly encourage you to protect yourself during closing of a real estate transaction. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience, and have a record of success in South Florida. We offer legal services in all areas of real estate law, and by spending a little extra up front on your purchase agreement and closing papers, you could end up saving thousands down the road, as well as avoid a potentially massive headache if we find that not everything is in order. Call the Jupiter real estate closing attorneys of Nowack & Olson today for more information and to schedule a free initial consultation.

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