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Jupiter Homeowners Association Foreclosure Lawyer

Millions of Floridians belong to Homeowners Associations (commonly referred to as HOAs) in south Florida. An HOA is a “corporation responsible for the operation of a community or a mobile home subdivision in which the voting membership is made up of parcel owners or their agents… “ according to Florida Chapter 720. While being a member or owner of a property within an HOA has its benefits, such as shared facilities, groundskeeping, security, and pooled financial resources for repairing damage to buildings, it also comes with a downside: financial stress brought on by high fees. These exorbitant HOA maintenance fees and monthly dues can lead to mounting debt, causing stress and a mounting headache that only grows worse with each passing month. If you are the victims of high HOA fees that you have been unable to pay, and the resulting debt is pressing down on you in all areas of your life, you need to talk to an attorney about debt relief. Contact the Jupiter homeowners association foreclosure lawyers of Nowack & Olson for information at 866-907-2970 to learn about your options.

Avoiding Homeowners Association Foreclosure

Just as a bank or other type of lender can foreclose on you, so can your homeowners association. Once you lapse too far on payments, it can range from difficult to impossible to catch up, yet this is exactly what you need to do. Simply being late on one payment can cause your HOA to take aggressive measures against you, which can quickly cause unease between you and your fellow HOA neighbors. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be an option for you to take (though is not possible in all scenarios depending on the circumstances) which can discharge your debt and allow you to get back on track with future payments. Foreclosure is a major cause of mental health distress, and it is estimated that five percent of households are in foreclosure, according to research published in the National Library of Medicine.

Fully Own Your Home Again by Removing the Lien on Your Property

A lien on your property is a serious issue, as you may well know, and is a major cause of stress, as it is essentially taking the property out from under you and giving possession to your HOA as a form of debt security. By filing for bankruptcy, you can remove the lien on your property, meaning that you fully own it again.

Our Jupiter Homeowners Association Foreclosure Lawyers Can Help Today

Are you struggling under the pressure of crippling HOA dues and fees debt? It may be impossible for you to crawl out from under this financial situation by yourself. An attorney can provide you the means to rid yourself of this stress and regain the dignity within your community that you deserve. We urge you to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our highly experienced Jupiter Homeowners Association Foreclosure lawyers at the law offices of Nowack & Olson today by calling 866-907-2970.

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