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Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Plantation Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are struggling to pay your debts, it is easy to feel isolated, ashamed and alone. You may not realize that millions of people are in the same situation. You are not alone. Find relief and start breathing easy today by learning about your options from an experienced Plantation bankruptcy lawyer.

At the law firm of Nowack & Olson, with offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Jupiter, we have helped thousands of people regain control of their finances and find relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Call us at 866-907-2970 to get started on your new, debt-free life. Don’t fall for the too-good-to-be-true promises of a debt relief agency. They often leave their customers in a worse situation than when they started. Learn about better options in a relaxed atmosphere with an experienced Plantation bankruptcy lawyer, and start breathing easier right away.

What Type Of Bankruptcy Is Right For Me?

Bankruptcy exists because people have a right to overcome their financial challenges and get a fresh start. When bad things happen to good people — such as a divorce, medical emergency or job loss — bankruptcy offers a path to financial solvency and success.

There are many different chapters under the Bankruptcy Code, and each type of bankruptcy is unique.

  • Chapter 13: Chapter 13, also called “wage earner’s bankruptcy,” involves creating a plan to repay specified debts over several years. At the end, the remaining debt is erased. This is often the best option for many individuals and families in Florida.
  • Chapter 7: Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves selling or “liquidating” your assets to pay off whatever debt possible, then discharging (or “wiping out”) the rest of your unsecured debts so you can start fresh. There are limits to who may qualify for this option.
  • Chapter 11: Chapter 11 is typically reserved for small and family-owned businesses. While this type of bankruptcy can allow some businesses to continue operating, another form of bankruptcy may be a better option.

Regardless of which chapter applies to you, you can be certain of one thing. The experienced bankruptcy lawyers of Nowack & Olson are on your side. We will work with you and your creditors in an effective and efficient way so that we can resolve your bankruptcy matter and get you back on track.

Why You Need a Lawyer to Help You File for Bankruptcy

If you’re thinking about bankruptcy, you are already financially stressed. You may be wondering, how in the world can I afford to hire a lawyer? Actually, bankruptcy is not very expensive, as legal costs go. Your lawyer should be able to give you an estimate of what your bankruptcy will cost, and may even charge you a flat fee upfront so you will know right away whether you can afford the lawyer’s services. Regardless, bankruptcy is a complicated legal process that requires years of legal knowledge and experience to get it right. By attempting to file your bankruptcy yourself, you may cost yourself even more money in the long run, by claiming the wrong exemptions, having to refile your petition, or even having your petition dismissed. Don’t let this happen to you. Read more below about why you need a lawyer to help you file for bankruptcy, and contact the Plantation bankruptcy lawyers at Nowack & Olson for assistance. It all begins with a free consultation at 866-907-2970.

Bankruptcy is Much More than Just Filling Out Forms

You might think that filing for bankruptcy involves filling out a form and filing it with the court, but it is a bit more involved in that. The bankruptcy petition includes about 70 pages of statements, schedules and other paperwork you must complete. Without a good working knowledge of the U.S. bankruptcy code and Florida exemptions, you could wind up losing property a lawyer could help you to keep, and you may end up having your petition dismissed without getting any debts discharged at all.

Filing a bankruptcy petition and seeing it through all of its phases also requires a knowledge of legal rules and courtroom procedure. Some court clerks may offer minimal guidance to help you get your paperwork filed correctly, but they cannot advise you on whether your petition is correct or complete. Clerks, judges and bankruptcy trustees are too busy and do not take extra time to help petitioners without legal representation. They assume you know the rules, which can be disastrous if you don’t.

Not only will your lawyer know how to prepare and file your petition correctly and shepherd it through the legal system. Your lawyer will know what to do to prepare you and position yourself for bankruptcy before you ever file. Your lawyer will claim the correct exemptions, negotiate with creditors as needed, and represent you in all required appearances, such as the section 341 hearing (meeting of creditors). There are many important aspects to your bankruptcy that you simply will not be familiar with, but an experienced bankruptcy lawyer will.

Beware of Petition Preparation Companies

You may have heard of companies that will prepare your bankruptcy petition for you, and you may think of these companies as an intermediate step that will be cheaper than getting a lawyer and give you all the help you need. Not so. These companies do not have lawyers and by law cannot give you any legal advice. For instance, they cannot advise you on whether you should be filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Bankruptcy judges have in fact warned the public against using these companies. These companies can cost as much or more as a lawyer, especially if they make mistakes that cost you valuable property you could have kept.

If you are concerned about the cost of a lawyer, know that your lawyer’s fees are fully disclosed to the bankruptcy court. The judge can review the fees in your case and order them to be modified, including requiring reimbursement if the judge thinks you paid too much. Also, remember that lawyers are duty-bound to represent their clients with competence, ethics and professionalism, and they can be disciplined or disbarred for failing to do so. The same cannot be said about bankruptcy petition preparation companies.

Bankruptcy Judges Agree You Need a Lawyer

In other areas of the law, courts do not go out of their way to urge litigants to be represented by a lawyer. In bankruptcy, they do. The website for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida defines a debtor as someone who has filed bankruptcy “with the assistance of a lawyer.” The website goes on to state that “Hiring a competent lawyer is strongly recommended.”

Hire a Plantation Bankruptcy Lawyer You can Trust to Represent You Fully

The nation’s bankruptcy laws were significantly amended in 2005, which made them even more complex than before. Make sure you hire a Plantation bankruptcy lawyer to help you with your bankruptcy, and choose a lawyer with decades of experience and a record of success. Call Nowack & Olson at 866-907-2970, and get started with a free consultation.

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