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Jupiter Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Life can occasionally throw you a curveball. Unexpected medical emergencies, family issues, and job problems can conspire to leave you strapped for funds. When you are unable to meet your monthly living expenses and struggle to pay your debts, our Jupiter Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers provide the professional legal guidance you need. At the law firm of Nowack & Olson, PLLC, we have over 40 years combined experience working with people in our community, helping them deal with their outstanding debts so they can get back on their feet financially.

We Offer Solutions to Get You Out of Debt

When you lose your job or suffer decreases in your income that prevent you from meeting your monthly obligations, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may provide a solution. Under the United States Code (11 USC Ch. 7), this form of bankruptcy allows you to liquidate your assets while eliminating unsecured debts. It is often the best option for people who struggle with the following:

  • Unexpected job losses or a reduction in hours;
  • Medical situations that leave you unable to work, while facing a mountain of medical debt;
  • Reduced or limited incomes, such as when receiving Social Security or disability benefits;
  • Divorce, separation, and other family issues.

When these types of situations cause you to fall behind on credit card and personal loan payments, getting caught up may be impossible due to the stiff penalties and high interest rates these companies charges. Before wasting additional amounts of money in trying to keep up, our Jupiter Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can guide you in the options available to help you make a fresh start.

Legal Guidance Throughout the Bankruptcy Process

At the law firm of Nowack & Olson, PLLC, we can meet with you to determine if filing for bankruptcy is the best option in your particular case, while guiding you in the steps needed to prevent creditor harassment and legal claims. We can file your bankruptcy locally, following guidelines set out by the U.S. Courts, while helping to collect the information required in your bankruptcy case. This includes:

  • Information regarding your assets, including personal property, vehicles, homes, and objects;
  • Records pertaining to your income and any financial accounts you possess;
  • Information about your monthly household expenses;
  • A list of creditors and the total amount of any debts you owe;
  • Information about leases, government loans, past due taxes, and other debts which may be relevant in your case.

Even though Chapter 7 is referred to as a ‘liquidation’, you are permitted exemptions which allow you to keep certain types of property, such as your car, personal belongings, and other items. Eliminating your unsecured debts simply gives you a chance to start over, with a fresh slate on which to build financial security for the future.

Contact Our Jupiter Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers Today

When you are struggling with debts, it can have an adverse impact on every area of your life. Take the steps you need to regain control of the situation and contact our Jupiter Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers. At the law firm of Nowack & Olson, PLLC, we will be happy to arrange a free, 60-minute consultation to discuss the options available. Call or reach out online today.

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