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Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Jupiter Real Estate Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you struggling to stay on top of your mounting mortgage debt? By reorganizing your mortgage, getting a forbearance or loan repayment plan, reinstating the loan, filing for bankruptcy, or taking another strategic option, you can you can retain your real estate property that is currently under threat. Lenders are required to cooperate with you under Florida law, and an attorney can help provide you options now in your time of need. Millions of Americans are facing foreclosure due to debt caused by a health complication, the loss of a job, or an out of control adjustable mortgage rate. You do not have to be a victim of these circumstances any longer. Reach out to an experienced Jupiter real estate bankruptcy lawyer with Nowack & Olson for help today.

We Provide Various Solutions for Debt Freedom

One size does not fit all for debt freedom. There are many options to choose from, and the Jupiter attorneys of Nowack & Olson are experienced in a wide variety of solutions so that you have the best possible route of action available for your specific situation. We have had significant success assisting clients with retaining their homes, vacation properties, and real estate investment properties and we work diligently to ensure that you receive every exemption that is possible for your circumstances. We assist clients in all of the following home-saving strategies in Jupiter:

  • Foreclosure defense of personal and investment properties;
  • Loan modifications;
  • Strategic default;
  • Lien stripping;
  • Homeowners association issues; and
  • Short sales.

Work With a Qualified Attorney, Not a Debt Relief Agency

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), people facing foreclosure should be cautioned against debt relief agencies that promise miracles, and consumers should “read between the lines” when offered statements such as “Consolidate your bills into one monthly payment without borrowing,” or “Wipe out your debts! Consolidate your bills! How? By using the protection and assistance provided by federal law.” Quite often, by working with a debt relief agency, people are left in worse conditions than before they started, as these companies offer no real solution and are solely in it to prey off homeowners in desperate situations. The FTC warns against companies that charge fees before your debts are settled, tout new government programs, or guarantee that they can erase your unsecured debt.

Let a Jupiter Real Estate Bankruptcy Attorney Lend You a Hand Today

The law offices of  Nowack & Olson have been assisting clients for over 20 years, and we not only understand the law to the fullest extent, but we have helped shape it. It has not always been that lenders were required to work with homeowners when it came to foreclosure or loan modification—our attorneys helped create that law, which now benefits hundreds of thousands of Florida residents. We strongly urge you to work with a professional Jupiter real estate bankruptcy team so that you can keep your property and turn a new page in your life. Call the Nowack & Olson attorneys today at 866-907-2970 for a free consultation.

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