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How Much Does Drunk Shopping Contribute To Americans’ Debt Problems?


What is the worst thing you do with your smartphone, the worst app you can open, when you know that you have had enough to drink for one night, but alcohol is no match for revenge bedtime procrastination?  Is it scrolling down through your text messages until you find the last message you received from your ex several months ago, around the time of your breakup?  Is it a hateful subreddit or YouTube channel that makes your bad mood worse?  Is it a What’s App group that enables you to say things that you will regret tomorrow, not just to one person, but to your entire circle of friends?  These are all inadvisable things to do with your phone while you are drunk, but at least the damage they cause is not financial.  Drunk shopping is a prevalent phenomenon among smartphone users who are old enough to purchase alcohol.  A Boca Raton debt lawyer will never ask you what you were thinking when you racked up all that credit card debt but will help you pay it off.

What Do People Buy While Under the Influence?

According to a recently published article on the Fast Company website, 25 percent of men and 10 percent of women made at least one purchase while under the influence of alcohol in 2022.  The survey respondents who admitted to drunk shopping spent an average of $309 on alcohol-induced impulse purchases throughout the course of the year.  Drunk shopping was most prevalent among people in their 20s and 30s.  Both sexes listed clothing as the most commonly purchased item, while also tended to inspire men to spend money on food, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, travel tickets, and pets.

The good news is that drunk shopping seems to be becoming less prevalent, whether because our financial stress is now so severe that we are aware of it even while drunk or because we are no longer stuck at home because of COVID surges and can freely socialize during and after drinking sessions.

Now That You Have Sobered Up, It’s Time to Pay Off That Debt

The credit card companies do not observe any differences between a grocery haul or electric bill payment, on the one hand, and a cuddly chinchilla that made eye contact with your beer goggles in PetSmart,  on the other.  Either type of purchase can trigger late fees if you don’t pay on time, and they all accrue interest.  If you are struggling with credit card debt, the problem most likely runs much deeper than a few impulsive orders of Buffalo wings that added up to $309 over the course of a year.  A debt lawyer can help you repay, discharge, or settle your credit card debt.

Work With a Debt Lawyer About Debts Great and Small

A South Florida debt lawyer can help you if impulse purchases and high-interest credit card debt are just two of many factors contributing to your unaffordable debt burden.  Contact Nowack & Olson, PLLC in Boca Raton, Florida to discuss your case.



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