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Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney


Before hiring a bankruptcy attorney, you should schedule a consultation with the law firm. The purpose of this consultation is to give you a chance to ask any questions you have and for the lawyer to better understand your situation. At Nowack & Olson, we are happy to offer all potential clients a free consultation. Make sure to maximize its value by doing the following.

Ask About Our Experience

At Nowack & Olson, we focus almost exclusively on bankruptcy law, and our experience runs deeps. We have been practicing in the field for well over 20 years and have handled countless cases. Our experience includes:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcies
  • Chapter 13 “wage earner” bankruptcies
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcies
  • Business bankruptcies

At other firms, the lawyers might only handle a couple bankruptcy cases a year while focusing mostly on divorce or criminal law. When meeting with a lawyer, drill down to figure out just how much experience they have in the field.

Ask About Our Fees

Lawyers should be totally transparent about how they charge their clients. At Nowack & Olson, we will gladly discuss our fee agreement with you and make sure you understand everything before hiring us. We promise not to stuff your bill up with hidden expense and fees or make the bill so difficult to understand you have no idea what you are being charged for.

At other firms, lawyers might try to push off discussion of fees until the very end—hoping you’ll forget along the way. So make sure to ask about fees during your initial consultation.

Raise any Concerns about How a Bankruptcy Will Affect You

The simple truth is that a bankruptcy will negatively affect you—at least to some extent. Before filing, you need to seriously consider any negative consequences, such as:

  • A tumbling credit score
  • A negative mark on your credit report that future employers and landlords can find

Nevertheless, there are common strategies people have used to mitigate any harsh consequences. So that you can make an informed choice about filing, discuss these consequences when meeting with a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation.

Pay Attention to Our Communication Style

At Nowack & Olson, we understand that clients do not feel empowered when they don’t understand what is going on. For that reason, we are committed to explaining everything in plain English and answering any questions you have. We are very easy to get into contact with and can be reached by phone or email.

You want to hire a lawyer you feel comfortable with and who you can trust. If you feel intimidated, then you will be afraid to ask questions and maybe not get the bankruptcy result you had hoped for. After meeting with a lawyer, ask yourself how easy you felt talking to him or her. If you felt intimidated or afraid, then you should find a different attorney.

Thinking about Bankruptcy? Nowack & Olson Wants to Talk to You

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most complicated financial decisions a consumer can make. Accordingly, you want to be in experienced, caring legal hands. To schedule your consultation with one of the Florida bankruptcy attorneys at Nowack & Olson, please contact us today.



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