How To Defend Your Florida Home From Foreclosure

Changes to Florida bankruptcy law require a lender to attend bankruptcy court and work with you, your attorney and the bankruptcy court judge to modify the terms of your loan. This is a huge boon to the state of Florida and its citizens.

The legislature created a law that mandates lender participation because it was no longer willing to let its residents be forced into long, protracted battles with lenders. The attorneys at Nowack & Olson are proud to have helped create this law for the benefit of all Floridians.

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Whether you are considering bankruptcy due to job loss, credit card debt or because your adjustable rate mortgage cause your payments to skyrocket, the experienced foreclosure defense lawyers at Nowack & Olson can help. For more than 20 years, our law firm has had a record of success in bankruptcy courts — ensuring their clients the best possible results for their unique bankruptcy cases.

Learn about your bankruptcy and real estate options so you can face the future with confidence and hope. We will guide you through the process at every step of the way.

You Must Act Quickly In Order To Save Your House

If you are already facing a sheriff's sale, you may have only days to file bankruptcy and get an injunction to stop the sale. The sooner you begin the process — the better your prospects for financial recovery and for saving your home.

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