How To Save Your Home From Foreclosure

The fear of losing your house can be crippling. Many people who are behind on mortgage payments have lost a job, experienced a divorce, suffered a medical problem in the family or gone through another very stressful life change.

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Stop Foreclosure On My Home

Many people contact us wondering if bankruptcy can help them avoid the loss of their homes. The fact is that every situation is different and must be evaluated carefully.

Maybe you are just several months behind on payments. Maybe you have received a notice of intent to foreclose. Maybe your house has just gone on the auction block.

Your home is extremely important. Many of our clients learn that once they stabilize their income and deal with less important debts — like credit card debt and large car payments — they can manage their mortgages. Other people find that they need to transition to a home they can afford.

What Options Do I Have For Saving My Home?

At Nowack & Olson, PLLC, our attorneys work with clients who are afraid of foreclosure on their homes.

  • Foreclosure is a process that isn't complete until your house is sold. Until a foreclosure sale has occurred, you have options for fixing the problem.
  • If you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay will give you time to consider your options, and work out a deal that fits your situation, like a short sale. It also allows you to discharge most credit card and medical bills.

A Solution That Will Fit Your Full Debt Picture

If you believe you can get back on a regular paying schedule, but you need to rebalance the mortgage debt load, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for you. It, too, brings foreclosure proceedings to a complete halt. Better yet, it allows you to negotiate a new monthly payment and a lower interest rate. As with Chapter 7, you will see dischargeable debts erased. Life goes on as before — easier, even.

If you have no reasonable hope that you will be able to get on a regular mortgage payment schedule, you can buy time by declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Filing an emergency petition — some call it the bare-bones or skeleton petition — will bring any scheduled sale to an immediate halt. This is called the automatic stay feature of bankruptcy.

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