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Jupiter Loan Modification Lawyer

Florida Mortgage Modification Lawyers

Foreclosure is in no one’s best interest; your lender will take a financial blow, and you will, of course, be kicked out of your home after years of paying the mortgage with nothing to show for it. While the bank is technically on your side, and wants to avoid foreclosure if possible, it does not always feel like it. It really feels like your lender is working against you during loan modification talks that seem to go nowhere. But even if your lender is not cooperating, or seems to be incapable of seeing things from your perspective, new federal laws require that certain types of loans be modified when you ask for them to be. Your lender cannot deny you in these cases. We know these laws inside and out since our Jupiter loan modification lawyers helped create them. The law firm of Nowack & Olson, PLLC is here to help keep you in your home when you are faced with foreclosure, and a loan modification may just be the solution to your troubling situation.

How a Loan Modification Can Benefit You

There are many options to choose from when you are faced with foreclosure. Bankruptcy, short sale, and deed in lieu of foreclosure are just a few that may be better than foreclosure. Quite possibly the best solution for some is a loan modification. A loan modification reduces your monthly mortgage payments by lengthening the overall duration of your loan. This makes your loan payments more manageable. It allows you to retain full ownership of your home and it does not hurt your credit score, you do not have to sell off your personal property, and you do not owe any income tax liability or deficiency judgments—all negative side effects of some of the other options listed above, including foreclosure.

We Help Our Clients Stay in Their Homes

A bank has shareholders to appease and profits to bring in. As a homeowner without an entire corporation behind you with legal muscle, it can feel like a lender’s position is immovable. After all, the largest banks have assets worth more than $2.5 trillion, according to Bankrate. Even the average community bank has assets worth $200 million, according to Forbes. What can a solitary individual do to change the mind of a large lender that only sees you as a dollar symbol? The answer is to seek the advice of a law firm. By working with an attorney, you can even the odds. Our attorneys aggressively fight on behalf of our clients’ rights; we know the law because we have helped form federal and state regulations, and our legal presence behind you alone creates a powerful negotiating tool for you to use.

Let Us Help Solve Your Financial Troubles by Fighting for a Loan Modification

 A loan modification allows you financial breathing room so that you can make your mortgage payments, afford groceries, pay other bills, take vacations, afford health insurance, and deal with all of life’s other financial demands. Our lawyers understand how important your home is to you, and will stop at nothing to keep you in it. Call the Jupiter loan modification lawyers of Nowack & Olson today.

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