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Florida Private Student Loan Lawsuits Lawyer

Are You Being Sued by a Lender?

Unlike the federal government, which implements various collection methods to get borrowers to pay, private lenders are more keen on suing first and asking questions later. You can still be sued by the federal government for being delinquent on your loan payments, but it is much more rare for borrowers with federal loans than it is for those with private student loans. An earlier step that either the federal government or a private lender will take is to hire a debt collection agency to do their dirty work for them, and pressure, cajole, and threaten borrowers to pay up. Whether you are being sued, or are being harassed by a debt collector, the Florida private student loan lawsuit lawyers at Nowack & Olson, PLLC are here to offer assistance. The key is to act swiftly in either case. If a lawsuit has already been filed against you, it must be responded to within 20 or 30 days in most cases, according to credit.com. If you do not respond, the lender can enter a judgement against you, and begin collecting debt from you through wage garnishment and other means.

Defense Against Student Loan Lender Lawsuit

If you are being sued, you have a limited time to act before a judgment is entered against you, forcing you to start paying the debt one way or another. It is extremely difficult to stop a lender once you have a judgement against you, even if the lender is somehow in the wrong. A lender sued a woman and began garnishing her wages for $20,000 of student loans that she never even borrowed. The lender filed a lawsuit against the wrong person, and still the law protected the lender when the woman tried to sue the lender in response, according to Reuters. As such, the time to take action is now, before it is too late. Defenses to student loan lawsuits include the following:

  • The lender did not keep track of all your payments;
  • You filed for bankruptcy;
  • The lender has the wrong person;
  • Your documents were forged (by another party);
  • The lender is seeking more money than you actually owe;
  • The statute of limitations apply (only to private loans); and
  • As a service member, your special rights are not being honored.

In most cases, even if none of the above defenses apply to you, lenders are willing to negotiate a settlement and work out a repayment plan, instead of pushing forth with a costly lawsuit and garnishing your wages against your will.

Our Florida Student Debt Lawsuit Defense Attorneys Are Here to Help

As a plaintiff in a student loan lawsuit, you must act now. Do not ignore the lawsuit or put off dealing with it next week. By not responding quickly to the lawsuit, you are allowing the lender an enormous advantage which cannot be made up. You need to discuss your situation with an experienced Florida student loan lawsuit defense attorney today with Nowack & Olson, PLLC. Feel free to call us today at 866-907-2970 to schedule a free consultation.

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