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Common Questions About Creditor Phone Calls


No one deserves to be bombarded with harassing phone calls from creditors no matter how much debt they happen to be in. But with the technology in place these days and the fact that many of us are attached to our cell phones, creditors can unfortunately reach you just about anywhere and at any time of day. While you have rights when it comes to creditor phone calls and can even report a creditor to the for being in violation of those rights, a surprising amount of creditors will knowingly break the law for the opportunity to collect even the most trivial of debts. Therefore, you should be aware of the answers to some of the most common questions that arise in this kind of situation.

Am I Required to Talk to Creditors?

In short, no. There is no law that says that you have to interact with creditors or even accept their phone calls regardless of how much you may owe them. Some borrowers even end up blocking the numbers of known creditors after they become tired of being harassed. While all of this is totally within your rights and understandable, you should also be aware that there are circumstances when choosing to speak to creditors can actually be beneficial. For example, after you obtain the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you should communicate this to creditors and provide the contact information of your attorney’s office so that your legal advocates may serve as a buffer. As soon as you retain legal help, you no longer have to battle the creditors on your own.

How Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect a Creditor’s Ability to Contact Me?

Filing for bankruptcy is actually one of the most effective ways to halt harassing phone calls from creditors. This is due to a concept called the “automatic stay” which goes into effect as soon as you file for your bankruptcy. Generally speaking, the automatic stay prevents your creditors from being able to collect any debts. That means that foreclosures, personal lawsuits, repossessions, and even wage garnishment actions are halted. In addition, it prevents most creditors from being able to harass you further with continued contact. Everything from contact via phone to letters in the mail or by other means are all forbidden. Courts take violations of this kind seriously and there are consequences if a creditor violates an automatic stay.

We Can Answer All of Your Questions 

Whether you are simply ready to begin with a free consultation or have already begun the process of filing for bankruptcy, legal assistance can be helpful if you are dealing with harassment from creditors or otherwise have questions about the bankruptcy process. Once you have retained a bankruptcy attorney, you will have a buffer between you and any creditors who refuse to comply with the law. You should turn to the experienced Plantation bankruptcy attorneys at Nowack & Olson, PLLC for the help you need. Contact us today with any questions about the fresh start bankruptcy can provide and we will begin with a free consultation.



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