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County issues foreclosures to recuperate unpaid bills

It is well-known that countless homeowners in places like Broward County, Florida, are struggling to stay afloat financially as they contend with issues like illness, job loss, and mounting personal debt. That’s why it’s important that anyone facing foreclosure or bankruptcy understand their legal options in the event that actions are taken against them. One woman may be forced to lose her home to foreclosure because she has fallen behind on utility bills to the county.

A major, $327-million sewer project in Spokane Valley, Washington, has finally come to an end as Spokane County begins to collect on millions of dollars worth of unpaid sewer bills owed by residents. While the county did recuperate millions of dollars in unpaid bills last year, the amount owed continues to increase as more accounts become delinquent. In an effort to address the issue, the county has begun issuing liens against some 100 property owners. While some residents are taking the county to court over the issue, others are filing for bankruptcy to stop foreclosure.

Owing more than $5000 in unpaid sewer bills to the county, one woman is now facing the prospect of losing her home in the near future. She claims that her financial situation deteriorated when she developed serious medical issues, and she continues to owe the county even though she has been able to pay down some of her personal debt.

The woman also argues that the county has taken few efforts to work with homeowners, since they add penalty fees and interest to delinquent bills. The woman’s current dilemma is also compounded by the fact that she is responsible for fees connected to the foreclosure process.

Source: spokesman.com, “Unpaid sewer bills put homes in foreclosure,” Mike Prager, Jan. 18, 2014

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