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Credit counseling may be required before filing

In Florida, it is all too easy to fall into debt, and it is hardly surprising that more and more families each year find themselves in this difficult position. Being overwhelmed by financial obligations can be extremely distressing and may begin to take its toll on your emotional well-being. Meanwhile, the strain of living on limited means can have a detrimental effect on your family.

Somehow, you need to find a way out of debt, yet it can be hard to see any hope in your situation when the amount you owe keeps increasing. However, there is still a way out, so do not lose hope. One option to which many families with crippling debt turn is bankruptcy. This can help you regain a financially stable position and focus on your future without your debts hanging over you.

As this article on bankruptcy filings mentions, there are a few conditions on which your ability to file for Chapter 13 hinges. For example, you are likely to be required to complete credit counseling before you are permitted to file. However, once this is done, all you need to do is provide the court with your repayment plan, along with the required information regarding your finances and if it is approved, you are ready to start again with a clean financial slate.

Of course, it can seem like a daunting thing to deal with on your own so you might find the support of a lawyer reassuring. He or she can oversee the bankruptcy process and may be able to assist you with your filing. Furthermore, if Chapter 13 is not the option for you, your lawyer may be able to suggest a form of bankruptcy that is better suited to your needs.

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