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Even with insurance, medical bills can devastate Florida families

No one wants to get sick or hurt. To avoid this, we do things like wear our seat belt, exercise, eat our vegetables, wash our hands and stay away from dangerous situations. However, we are not immune to injury or illness and despite our best efforts, a trip to the doctor can become necessary.

People often make the mistake of thinking that as long as they have insurance, doctor visits, surgery, medication and medical treatment will all be covered and there will be little or no financial obligations for the patient. This, however, is a misguided assumption. In fact, according to a recent survey, roughly 20 percent of people with insurance say they are struggling financially thanks — at least in part — to medical debt.

According to the survey, which was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The New York Times, many people have changed their lifestyle, gone without living necessities, gotten second or third jobs, cut expenses and drained savings accounts in response to mounting medical bills, despite having health insurance.

The report notes many factors that can affect people’s ability to cover the cost of health care including higher co-pays and deductibles, decreased in-network coverage options and denied claims. 

Taking on unexpected and/or significant medical care costs can push people from staying afloat to drowning in debt. In these situations, people can rack up more credit card debt, take out loans with extremely high interest rates and fall behind on mortgage and/or student loan payments. When this happens, it can become impossible to regain financial stability without help.

If medical debt is causing serious financial strain on you and your family, it can be crucial to talk to a lawyer who can inform you of your debt relief options. Addressing financial problems can help you focus on your health, family and future.

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