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Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Have You Found the Right Bankruptcy Attorney?


Some people wrongly believe that filing for bankruptcy is a standardized process. It is not. There are many considerations that go into choosing whether to file and picking the correct Chapter to file under. If a creditor objects, then there can be additional complications.

Hiring the right attorney is vital. If you hire the wrong lawyer, you might have no idea what is happening. You might also not get the bankruptcy that you want or feel like you are being pressured to file when you really don’t want to. Below, we will look through some of the factors you should consider when deciding whether you have found the right South Florida bankruptcy attorney for you.

How Confident Are You in Your Lawyer?

During an initial consultation, you can talk about your debt and how each bankruptcy will affect your debt. Not only should you pay attention to the answers, but you should also consider how confident the lawyer sounds. An inexperienced lawyer, or one who only has handled a few bankruptcies in a year, might not really know the answer to any of your questions.

By contrast, an experienced lawyer should be a confident one. Lawyers, of course, need to be honest and accurate, and it might be the case that it isn’t always clear how certain debts will be treated. For example, student loans can sometimes be discharged but many times can’t. A lawyer can’t predict the future, but he should be confident when explaining how a judge will look at your situation.

Does Your Lawyer Communicate Effectively?

Your lawyer should regularly keep you in the loop of what is happening in your case. If your lawyer doesn’t, then he might be overwhelmed with work or totally disorganized—neither of which is very encouraging.

By communicating effectively with you, a lawyer also gets your input. Remember, as the client you are in control. If ever there is a question about whether to proceed with the bankruptcy, you make that decision, not your attorney.

Are Fees Reasonable?

Under the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct, a lawyer must charge a reasonable fee. A reasonable fee depends on the circumstances, such as the complexity of your bankruptcy and the lawyer’s experience, among other factors.

You can check around and ask what other lawyers charge for a bankruptcy in South Florida. Any lawyer’s fee should be within a reasonable range. This doesn’t mean you should hire the lawyer who charges the least or assume that a lawyer who charges the most is the better lawyer. However, it’s critical to see that the lawyer’s fees are not so out of bounds when compared to other bankruptcy lawyers in our area.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Nowack & Olson

Before hiring a Plantation bankruptcy lawyer, make sure to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. A member of the team at Nowack & Olson would be happy to meet with you. You can call 888-813-4737 or submit our contact form. We have helped over 20,000 clients get the bankruptcy they want.


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