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How to Boost Short-Term Income


When a person’s expenses exceed their income, it is natural to feel stressed. Getting out from under debt—or even buying this week’s groceries—might seem like an impossible task. Nevertheless, there are some simple ways to earn extra money that do not require that you go get a four-year college degree. Instead, try one of these methods for boosting short-term income.

Sell Unused Items on ebay

You would be surprised at what can sell on eBay. Even old clothes can sell. Just call them “vintage” and set your price points accordingly. Many people have great success selling:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Electronics

Creating an eBay account is easy to do, but you must be organized. You also want to be a fast shipper who gets items to the winning bidder in a timely manner. Instead of waiting for sunny weather to come around to hold a yard sale, you can have a virtual one on eBay any month of the year.

Trade in an Old Cell Phone for Cash

You can certainly put a cell phone on eBay, but you might have better luck trading them in for cash on Gazelle. It only takes a minute to sell and you can ship for free. For payment, you have your choice of Amazon Gift Card, PayPal, or check.

Cash out Unused Gift Cards

Did you never use that Olive Garden gift card that your great Aunt gave you at Christmas? Now is the time to realize some value. Of course, you could go to Olive Garden and save money that way, but you can also turn old gift cards into cash. Visit CardCash.com or another site.

Collect Loose Change

You would be surprised at how quickly nickels and dimes can add up. Many people put their loose change in a jar or piggy bank. Now is the time to break into it and cash out. Call your bank ahead of time to check if the coins must be rolled. (Each bank is different.)

Or you can visit your nearest store front counting machine, like Coinstar. You can usually find these machines in grocery stores or pharmacies. Of course, counting machines take a cut, around 11% in fact. But some money is better than none.

Take on Odd Jobs

There is no better way to boost income than to work more. Even if you are pressed for time, you might be able to wedge in a couple hours a week to make some money. Even an extra $40 a week can make the difference between paying your rent or being evicted.

Find gigs by asking your neighbors if they need help or look online. Many websites connect people who need someone to do small jobs with people (like you) who need some money. Visit websites like FlexJobs.com or Freelancer.com.

In a Financial Pinch? Consider Bankruptcy

Sometimes, even boosting short-term income won’t get you out from under your debts. When debt becomes unmanageable, the only real solution is a consumer bankruptcy.

As experienced Plantation bankruptcy attorneys, the team at Nowack & Olson is happy to review your financial situation and analyze the best path forward. You can schedule your free initial consultation by calling us at 866-907-2970.

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