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Lawsuits from lenders seek over $100,000 from hip hop artist

The flashy lifestyles of rappers might appeal to music fans in Florida, but the glitzy facade could be hiding financial troubles. A lawsuit against Azealia Banks, an East Coast hip hop singer with an apparently promising future, has brought to light that she owes approximately $137,000 to credit card issuers.

Court documents show that she has a balance of $78,827 on a Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card and that she maxed out another Visa card from City National for $7,981. A personal line of credit also obliges her to pay a lender $50,228.

Banks perhaps knew where she was heading financially when she named her debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste”. These debt collection claims against the 26-year-old singer are not her only legal problems on record. She pleaded guilty in 2015 to biting a nightclub bouncer’s breast.

A person who wants to regain some control in life when financial troubles are overwhelming could contact a lawyer for advice. After a lawyer reviews the client’s income and debts, a recommendation for bankruptcy might be made. If the client qualifies for protection under Chapter 13, then a lawyer might help with the preparation of a payment plan that would last for a period of three to five years, depending upon the client’s income. After the plan has been successfully completed, many unsecured debts such as credit cards and medical expenses that still remain could be discharged. The plan must be approved by the bankruptcy court in advance, and this chapter is designed for people who have regular and dependable sources of income.

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