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Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Let our law firm help get you out of medical debt

Our firm is dedicated to getting our Florida clients out of debt so that they can get on with their lives. We understand that with today’s skyrocketing medical costs and high-deductible insurance plans, many Americans are left struggling to pay off their medical debts. Even one trip to the hospital because of a heart attack, stroke or other medical emergency can be financially catastrophic for many people, even those with decent jobs. Such massive debts can also have a bad affect on a person’s credit rating, which may then hinder the ability to obtain a mortgage or car loan.

At our firm, we help people who have incurred excessive medical bills due to the fact they were underinsured or lacked health insurance whenever they suffered a severe illness or injury. In other cases, people may accumulate large medical debts because of an accident in which no one claimed responsibility. In any case, our lawyers work hard to help people find real solutions to solving their debt problems.

One solution is by filing for bankruptcy. In fact, about 40 percent of people who declare bankruptcy did so because of unpaid medical bills. Because our lawyers are highly experienced when it comes to bankruptcy laws, we have helped many families and individuals find relief from their medical debts. Considered a form of unsecured debt, your medical costs could be fully discharged.

If you find yourself struggling under the load of excessive medical debts, our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers can offer you solutions to fit your particular situation. If you wish to learn about our law firm and how we can assist you with medical debt relief, please visit our page for more information.

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