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Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy—Should You File?

By Nowack & Olson, PLLC |

As bankruptcy lawyers in Southern Florida, we meet our fair share of senior citizens who are struggling with debt. Sometimes the debt is medical debt or credit card debt, with credit cards often used to pay for medical expenses. Regardless of how they accumulated debt, these clients want to know whether they should file… Read More »

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Why Debt Settlement May Not Be a Great Idea

By Nowack & Olson, PLLC |

Are debts weighing on your mind? If so, you probably are finding it hard to sleep at night or think about anything else during the day. The good news is that help is available. However, not all debt relief options are the same. One terrible option is “debt settlement,” which typically involves trying to… Read More »

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Three Common Bankruptcy Myths

By Nowack & Olson, PLLC |

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most significant financial decisions you can make, so you must have all of the facts before you decide. Unfortunately, we meet with clients every day who are laboring under misconceptions about what bankruptcy can do and its effect on their credit score. Before you can decide what… Read More »

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