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Tips for not letting the holidays drive you deeper into debt

Merrymaking and family traditions always characterize the holidays, but there’s another general characteristic that makes many Floridians very uneasy between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and that is big spending.

In fact, a recent poll found that, on average, people who are in a relationship with a significant other expect to spend $338 on that person during the holiday season. Those same individuals in a relationship also expect on average to take on as much as $200 in credit card debt to buy things for significant others.

Not everybody has room to spare, however, in terms of credit card debt. Still, the pressure to take on more debt can be heavy during the holidays, even when you’re not in a position to pay back the debt any time soon. The same survey found that nearly 33 percent of respondents had used a credit card to purchase a gift for their partner, but the partner doing the buying was not immediately able to cover the bill.

As anyone who has been burdened by heavy credit card debt knows, getting out from under that debt can be extremely difficult. With that in mind, if you feel pressured to add to an already difficult debt situation this holiday season, then you may want to consider some alternate ways of celebrating and letting your loved ones know you love them.

Keep in mind that warm experiences with loved ones are extremely memorable and valuable. Consider focusing on those experiences with loved ones this year, rather than spending on what you can’t currently afford.

Many couples also choose to combine their buying powers to purchase a single gift to each other. It also helps to discuss your budget concerns with your loved one and to agree on a budget that doesn’t drive you deeper into debt.

If you believe your debt situation is out of control, then speak with a debt relief professional about the proven ways of eliminating credit card debt in Florida.

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