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Wage garnishment less common in Florida than in rest of U.S.

When a person falls behind on paying money they owe, there are many things that could potentially change for them. One is how much of their regular wages actually end up making it to them.

This is due to one of the debt collection methods creditors are sometimes allowed to use against debtors: wage garnishment. Wage garnishment is when, through a court order, some of a debtor’s wages are withheld from them and instead put towards the debt they owe.

How common is wage garnishment here in the United States? According to an ADP Research Institute study, nationally, 7.2 percent of employees have their wages garnished.

The study indicates that wage garnishment is not quite this common here in Florida. The study found that the percentage of employees in Florida who have their wages garnished is only 4.8 percent. State law and what types of jobs are present in Florida are things that an ADP official pointed to as potential contributors to Florida’s lower wage garnishment rate.

Why do you think wage garnishment here in Florida is below the national average? Are there any debt collection methods that you feel are particularly prevalent here in Florida?

While wage garnishment in Florida is below the national average, there are still plenty of Floridians who end up facing this debt collection tactic in relation to a past-due debt they have. Thus, the possibility of wage garnishment is something a person here in Florida might be quite concerned about when they fall behind on a debt. 

The bankruptcy process can sometimes help protect individuals from wage garnishment. Bankruptcy lawyers can help individuals who are facing the possibility of wage garnishment look into whether bankruptcy would be of help to them given their particular debt situation. 

Source: South Florida Business Journal, “Why less Floridians have wages cut than across the U.S.,” Nina Lincoff, March 25, 2015

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