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What Can You Not Pay for With a Credit Card?


You know you are old if you can remember a time when food trucks, kiosks, and neighborhood restaurants only accepted payment in cash.  Today, these small businesses, as well as other low tech business ventures such as dry cleaners, laundromats, and car washes, often accept payment by card or Apple Pay.  You know you are young if you have never paid for a beef patty in cash but have bought one by swiping your debit card in a point-of-sale reader attached to an iPad or have held your smartphone or Apple Watch close to a device that can accept payment that way.  Today, people use electronic payments for purchases great and small.  As often as not, you simply enter your payment information on a website or app to make recurring payments, and you never give much thought to whether the vendor is making charges on your card or withdrawing money directly from your bank account.  If you are making a budget in a desperate attempt to reshuffle your finances until you can renegotiate a loan or until one of your intermittent gigs restarts, though, consider that there are some bills you can pay with a credit card and others you cannot.  A Plantation debt lawyer can help you resolve your financial issues of which over-reliance on credit cards is a symptom.

Which Bills Do Not Accept Payment by Credit Card?

Credit card bills are plenty stressful, with all of those interest charges and late fees.  If you miss a payment on a credit card bill, though, the worst thing that can happen is that you will have to pay more money later or you will not be able to make any more purchases with the card until after you pay up.  The even more stressful bills are the ones where, if you don’t pay, you lose something that is even more essential to your sense of stability.  If you don’t pay your mortgage or rent, you can get kicked out of your house, and if you don’t make payments on your car loan, your car will get repossessed.  These creditors tend not to accept payment by credit card.  They usually require you to enroll in automatic debits from your bank account, or else to pay by check.  Likewise, it is usually not possible to make a payment toward one credit card by using another.

Credit Cards Can Be the Canary in the Coal Mine of Your Finances

“You can’t pay with a credit card” is one thing, but, “You shouldn’t pay with a credit card” is another.  Lots of other creditors, such as utilities and medical bills, will accept payment by credit card, but they usually charge an additional fee that you would not have to pay if you let them debit money from your bank account.  Likewise, personal finance experts have long said that you know you are in financial trouble if you are using a credit card to pay for groceries.

Work With a Debt Lawyer About Debt Relief for Credit Card Enthusiasts

A South Florida debt lawyer can help you undo the problems your plastic friend has caused.  Contact Nowack & Olson, PLLC in Plantation, Florida to discuss your case.



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